From £250 initial investment to £100,000 maximum investment. R&L take care of your horse racing bets and profit for you. Working with a 12 month contract, we will place your bets the evening before with our private bookmakers ensuring the best odds and enhanced profit.


Our average yearly profit is 1,500+ points with our highest yearly profit accumulating to 2129.5 points.


With the minimum investment of £250 and choosing to play our 100 point bank system, at the end of your investment if we reach our average yearly profit, you will be withdrawing £3750, a massive £3500 profit. If we reach our highest profit or above the take out amount will be £5325+ over £5000 profit.


For more conservative investors or those willing to invest a large amount, we have the option to pursue our 250 point bank system. So with our average investment of just £5000 at the end of the calendar year if we have reached our average yearly profit, you will be withdrawing £30,000 a sublime £25,000 profit. If we hit our highest profit or beyond the withdrawal funds will be £42,600+ a life changing passive income.


R&L have waivered membership fees for this service, we take 5% from the profit on the withdrawal date at the end of the calendar year only if profit is made.


This is an investment opportunity for an income where no work from your side will be needed. All bets will be handed our side for you.


Please contact us directly on WhatsApp +447583339665 or email to begin your investment today.

R&L Horse Tips Investment Service


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