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Since 2012, R&L Horse Tips has been making a vast amount of profit thanks to our personal knowledge & track side information we receive from many sources and friends. With this and our simple points system, we have ensured a great amount of profit throughout the years. 


So who are we? We are two professional gamblers who have ages of experience within the betting world, especially in horse racing. We have bet on horses for a living now for over 7 years! We have many friends within the horse racing community including owners, trainers and jockeys who help us along the way.


We use a simple points system to ensure we profit over time. So how does the points system work? So to start you need a betting bank, your starting bank should be an amount you can afford and are comfortable to invest! Your betting bank will be a total of your choice of 100 or 250 points! So if your betting bank is starting at £2500 at 250 points, 1 point = £10. If your bank starts at £250, 1 point = £1, the higher your starting points the less risk, the lower points the more risk but more reward. We will select how many points to bet on each selection and whether its a win or each way bet. We place our bets for you the evening before races, ensuring best odds through a private bookmaker. To view our recent and long term results, please click the results button at the top of this page.


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